is the genius artist responsible for designing everything on this site. Highest recommendations for your next web-design. Also an author of haunting, moving, hilarious, demented fiction, and whose writing, photography and logo- and web-design work resides at


one of the finest, weirdest, most original actors in the world, happens to be my brother. He’s been dedicated to his craft for over 20 years and has starred in thirty plus independent features and short films. A character actor and a force of nature, Tom is basically a monster talent who constantly amazes and moves me with the depth of his performances. Recently on the Showtime drama BROTHERHOOD. And for a sample of his intense and interesting work, check THIS out:


artist-from-the-Planet-Zecktar, is an alien impersonating my daughter. Her bizarrely beyond-her-years talents as a songwriter, singer, natural mimic and Nobel-Prize Winning Metallurgist originate somewhere in the Crab Nebula. Because of her singing in the Xmas film Love Actually and on the Disney show Phineas and Ferb, she has fans who have posted clips of her all over the web. Including her role as a psychotic child in an elevator who stabs Spongebob’s Mr. Lawrence in the leg with a pen. Her main page is on this site: Her music will be posted there as well.


 cousin, genius scientist, artist, futurist and raconteur.


the favorite comedian of comedians in a poll by Comedy Central. He does the impossible, a satire of a comedy performance, creating an insane persona onstage filled with recreations of intense moments from his life, idiotic jokes, miming to old records and other arcane comedy stylings nobody’s done since vaudeville. An extraordinarily nimble song & dance man, one of the finest live stage surrealists since Andy Kaufman. See the TV page on this site, and


probably the greatest nightclub comic in history.  Able to transform a drunken crowd of booing hecklers within minutes into cheering fans who would kill for him, Lenny could arguably be called the Hitler of Standup Comedy. Except for the fact that he is my old beloved roommate and brother-in-arms, now a fine dramatic actor, and one of the most generous men in show business.



Simply said, the most brilliant political satirist since Mark Twain. Crimmins also is known as the father of Boston Comedy, and established the precedent in which comedians ran the clubs, not the club owners.


 has always been and always will be the genius-in-residence of the Boston Comedy Scene. A prolific sports journalist, historian and writer of non-fiction, his amazing history of the United States is one of the cleverest and most fascinating books I have ever read. Donovan is a Master of Stand Up, literally one of the funniest comics in the world, and my trusted partner on numerous rape- and dismemberment-sprees. (Check out Audio Garden, and the amazing photo on his Animal Page.)


is a gentle artist and friend whose soul screams with sweetness and whose mind is an endless fount of bizarre invention. He is also one of the most subversive film-makers in the world, and created two of my favorite films, Let Sleeping Dogs Lie and The World’s Greatest Dad.


 the funniest human being on earth. A genius fat man among men, a bizarre zen moron of mirth, a master wordsmith of love and healing who counsels victims of tragedy and disaster all around the world, he is now a doctor as well as my best friend. His wife Mary Jo is my writing partner.


cosmic drifter, has only painted a handful of paintings and written a few dozen songs, yet is one of my favorite painters and songwriters. If I was on my deathbed, I’d like to talk to Steve right before dying. Scuzzy was the first one to play me Dylan’s music, for which I am forever grateful. One of the greatest joke-writers in history, and belly-laughing old pal.


(aka “Boston’s Mike McDonald”) Witty, bold, honest, insightful. Always has the perfect soundbyte for every event and, with Don Gavin, my favorite storyteller.


 is the most talented human being I have ever met. Master thespian. Superb storyteller. Arguably the world’s greatest impressionist, and one of the finest and most prolific cartoonists ever.


 and I were there from the beginning. He has always cracked me up and is one of the funniest acts I have ever seen. I also love his wife Candy and therefore want him killed. My oldest friend and co-writer in Boston.


is the new Mayor of the Boston Comedy Scene. A hilarious and paradoxical political satirist, Jimmy rekindled the original spirit of Boston Comedy with his good-vibe venue Jimmy Tingle’s Off-Broadway Theater, formerly at Davis Sq., Somerville.


quite simply, is the best comedy writer I have ever worked with.  His CD Fuzzatonic Scream is one of my all-time fav’s. His unreleased single In My Garden, is the most eerily beautiful song ever recorded. Get ahold of a bootleg and you’ll see what I mean.



playwrite, comedian, raconteur, and beloved maniac, Steve and I performed together in Boston, friends forever.


is indescribable and unlike any other comedian in the world.  One of the funniest stand-up acts in history. Mike Donovan and I would always stop whatever we were doing to sit in the back and watch Chance’s act.


Never has a human being looked that scary and been so loving and wise.


 transformed himself from a Boston standup to an award winning actor. Leary has always helped his friends, and every year raises more money than anybody for firefighters in the greater Boston area.


 Genius joke writer and winner human being.


 like my brother Tom, is a creative force of nature unto himself. A bubbling cauldron of insane, original concepts. The Boss of Black Humor. The Magus of Mockery. He also needs a website. Animation fans? Please fix him up.


My song-writing partner, the co-creator and co-star of one of my favorite kids shows. Swampy, like Bill Kopp, needs a website. Anybody?


Former child-prodigy and also my song-writing partner. A fucking wizard and the hardest-working artist in showbiz. (Um, except for Bill Kopp.) Povenmire’s perverse sense of humor can be gleaned from the following perverse battle of wits:


like my daughter, comes to earth by way of the Zebra-X5 Dimension. Kaz is Kaz. King of Psychedelic Punk Infantilism. Lord of the Ludicrous. Prince of the Preposterous. The most original cartoonist in the world.


 is a master illustrator who likes to wear the tattered cloak of  a demented Underground Cartoonist. One of my favorite artists, Tony illustrated my book Invasion Manual of Earth and created The Maakies and The Drinky Crow Show.


 is a progressive film company at the forefront of the Anti-Hollywoodization of Hollywood. What’s wonderful about the company is that after each film wraps, all the actors are shot on their knees like pigs.  I may have that last part wrong, but at any rate, the company is the brainchild of Kyndra Miller and Mary Jo Pritchard (my writing partner), and I was fortunate to be invited into the fold as one of the creative development execs.